Impact Fellowship

The Impact Fellowship

A 2-week technical fellowship for the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

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About the Fellowship

The Impact Fellowship is a 2-week gathering of talented and passionate computer science students who want to use their skills for social good!

About the Fellowship
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Fellows will learn advanced software engineering from top bootcamp instructors and industry leaders, with courses in JavaScript (React, Node.js), DevOps and DBs (AWS, MongoDB, Firebase), Smart Contracts (Solidity), and Machine Learning(PyTorch).



The fellowship will feature amazing startup founders and nonprofit leaders who are leveraging technology to tackle the most urgent challenges of our generation, such as climate change, healthcare inadequacies, global poverty, gender inequalities, and inaccessible education.

Below are some of the speakers from the 2019 fellowship!

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During the two weeks, fellows work together in teams to create tech-driven social ventures that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The fellowship culminates in a pitch night with a panel of mentors and investors who can help the projects grow and thrive.

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More important than the skills learned during the fellowship are the incredible people we get meet along the way. The Impact Fellowship creates a community of like-minded, dedicated engineers who hope to build a more sustainable, equitable world.

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Sample Schedule

10am Introduction to TensorFlow
12pm Lunch with CTO of Charity: Water
1pm Workshop on D3 and data visualization
3pm Visit to Alexandria life sciences headquarters
6pm Dinner with managing director of Social Capital VC
8pm Return to Convene for work on team projects

Who can apply?

Anyone with a background in CS and a passion for solving the challenges we’re facing in the 21st century!

What exactly is the CS curriculum during the fellowship?

The workshop-style courses are focused on specific languages or concepts and customized to fit fellows’ abilities and backgrounds. We change the curriculum from year to year to keep up with what’s most useful for fellows to learn. In past years, it has included courses on topics such as full stack web dev, ML, and blockchain technology. Regardless of the specific curriculum, the goal is to endow fellows with the tools they'll need to start their own projects and turn their ideas into reality.

Who are the instructors?

We have an amazing roster of experienced computer programmers, some of whom have worked for startups in SF, others who have been teaching CS at some of the most renowned technical bootcamps for years. If you'd like to recommend an instructor (or would like to be an instructor yourself), please contact

How is there no cost to attend the fellowship?!

Our talented instructors volunteer their time out of the goodness of their hearts, and our guest speakers love the opportunity to speak to bright, enthusiastic, amazing fellows! However, we do not provide meals or housing during the fellowship, so our fellows have to take care of themselves in those respects.

What’s the team project component like?

Over the course of the fellowship, fellows work in teams on group projects that address global challenges. These could be anything from more efficient vaccination delivery in the developing world to a game that gets more young people to donate to charity. The choice is yours, so be bold! At the end of the 2 weeks, fellows pitch their projects to a panel of mentors and investors who can give feedback and help the ventures continue even after the fellowship ends.

What are the guest speakers like?

Our speakers make The Impact Fellowship truly exceptional! Past speakers have included a Thiel Fellow who invented a water-weighted solar panel that tracks the movement of the sun, the founder of a project that uses ML to reduce bias in algorithmic recidivism predictors, and a former presidential candidate of the United States!

What’s the application process like?

Applications for the 2020 Impact Fellowship are now closed. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when applications for the next year's fellowship open.

Help! I’m still confused! Where can I ask more questions?

We’ve got you covered! Reach out to and we’ll respond as quickly as we can :)