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Code For Equity

Introducing the Code For Equity Fellowship, a part-time 4-month program at the intersection of technology, ethics, and design for engineers who want to build a future for everybody.

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About the Fellowship

In past years, The Impact Fellowship has been a 2-week gathering over winter break for computer scientists who hope to use their skills to create lasting social change.

For 2021, we’ve created the Code For Equity Fellowship, designed for the same type of passionate engineers, but with a much more specific goal: fixing the biggest problems in tech.

About the Fellowship
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Move Purposefully and Fix Things

The tech world as we know it is far from perfect. It’s exclusionary for some, and downright harmful for others.

That’s why we need bright, creative minds to come together and try to repair the damages that have been caused by the biased algorithms, polarizing echo chambers, data privacy violations, and inaccessible systems that surround us.


Research as a Team

Fellows will work together in small task-forces and focus on a specific challenge facing the tech sector. After a topic is chosen, the Impact Labs team will connect fellows with professors, activists, entrepreneurs, and engineers who can share their expertise.

Below are some of the experts in the Impact Network:

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Experiment and Create

After researching their chosen issue, fellows will actively work on a shared project together. The scale and scope of this project is up to the members of each team, but the expectation is that fellows will produce a deliverable that addresses a persistent harm in the tech sector.

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Program Structure

After a topic area is chosen, fellows will be matched with teammates who share their passion and commitment. Fellows will immerse themselves in their selected topic area, working on their team project over the 4 months and learning from each other as they research and create together.

See the in-depth program description for more details about the Code For Equity Fellowship.

Program Details

Lead by Example

At the end of the program, fellows will share their findings and their projects with the world. The goal is to lead by example and demonstrate that engineers of all abilities can build anti-racist, sustainable, and equitable products.


Who can apply?

The Code For Equity Fellowship is designed for advanced engineers who are passionate about creating a more equitable, sustainable world. You do not have to be a student in order to apply.

What exactly is the structure of the program?

The fellowship will take place over 4 months from December 2020 to March 2021. Fellows will be split into small groups of 6 to work on a specific, technical challenge facing the tech world today. Fellows will spend the first month researching their challenge, then spend the bulk of their time engineering and testing solutions to that challenge in order to produce their project’s deliverable. The final weeks will be dedicated to distilling each group’s findings and sharing what was learned with the wider CS community.

What is the ‘deliverable’ that fellows are supposed to produce?

The deliverable is just a fancy way of saying that fellows will have something tangible, practical, and complete to show for themselves by the end of the 4 months. This could be an academic paper, a Chrome extension, a podcast, a web app, or anything the team decides on! It does not have to be a technical product, though fellows will probably wind up writing lots of code in order to design and experiment with their solutions.

How will the Impact Labs team support the fellows?

Our mission at Impact Labs is to enable and empower each fellow to fulfill their potential during the 4 months. Through our network of founders, funders, engineers, scholars, artists, activists, and designers, we can ensure that fellows will connect with the right people they need to talk to. We’ll also host speakers and social events to foster a sense of community across the different teams and ensure that fellows can help each other thrive.

What if fellows require more assistance?

Discretionary funding for small, relevant purchases (such as books, web hosting, software services, attending conferences, printing materials, etc.) will be provided. An expense that serves the team’s mission (within reason) will be reimbursed by Impact Labs.

Will the small groups work with the other groups in the fellowship?

Absolutely! Each team of 6 will coordinate with other teams and share resources, findings, and strategies for developing their solutions. At the culmination of the program, teams will collaborate with one another and compile their research into one unified document that can be shared with young engineers who want to learn how to build better systems!

What if I can’t commit to the 4 months?

The program will require a serious commitment on the part of all fellows. There will be off-weeks (such as during holiday season and for students during finals period), but prospective applicants should not apply if they know they will be unable to participate in the program in its entirety.

What’s the application process like?

Applications for the 2021 Code For Equity Fellowship are now closed. Subscribe to our newsletter with this link to find out when applications for next year's fellowship will open.

Help! I’m still confused! Where can I ask more questions?

We’ve got you covered! Reach out to and we’ll respond as quickly as we can :)