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Our opportunity board and newsletter reach 4,000+ technologists in social impact, and we'd love to share your opportunities with them! Opportunity postings are highlighted on our opportunity board for two months and sent directly to our newsletter subscribers.

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Our Submission Guidelines


Types of Opportunities

Our community ranges from early career to senior technologists, predominantly in the US. Any social impact job positions for this group are welcome, as well as pitch competitions, hackathons, internships -- you name it! If you're not sure if your opportunity is a good fit for our community, reach out to us at!


Social Impact Alignment

We work with any group that is, in good faith, trying to make the world a better place. We include job postings from non-profits, social enterprises, and for-profit companies with social-impact positions. Other opportunity postings can come from a wide range of places, such as student clubs hosting hackathons or civic fellowship positions.

Dreaming Big

Payment & Timeline

Each full time job posting is $99, and all other opportunities are $59. We review each submission manually -- if your submission looks like a good fit for us, we'll post it within 3 business days. Otherwise, we may reach out for more information, and will provide a refund if we ultimately decide it's not a good fit.